Intro course

What is Design Thinking and doing?

Learn how to solve problems and develop better products and services with the user at the centre.

15 minutes

4 modules

For those who are curious about design thinking

Intro course

About the course

This short guide will cover the basics of design thinking and doing. It gives a fundamental understanding of the design thinking process and the mindset behind it. Design thinking is relevant to many of us, because the working life is increasingly characterized by becoming technology- and -data driven; we need to solve new problems and exploit the potential with new technology. Design thinking is an approach that addresses this and can have transferable value to your everyday work.

A human-centred approach to problem-solving. That’s what design thinking and doing is all about!

This framework is widely used not only for product development, but for creating services, strategies, processes, and anything else where human involvement is critical.

Why should you consider this approach? Let’s think about us humans for a bit; people around you, co-workers, customers, and even yourself. We are all experts prioritising the things that benefit us, and we often come up with shortcuts and work-arounds towards this goal. 

Now, combine this with a business perspective of providing profitable solutions in a sustainable way. With the approach we call design thinking and doing, we work systematically and efficiently towards finding a good market fit, creating solutions that people actually want and are likely to use. 

Design thinking and doing reduces the uncertainties and risks throughout the solution lifecycle, being a collaborative, iterative and holistic approach that centres on users and context from the get-go.

With this foundation you will be able to see individual design thinking methods in their context, and be better equipped to know what could help you move development forward. Along the way, you might hopefully have some aha-moments that will level up your business’ problem-solving skills!

Design thinking & doing – part 1 of 2

This is the first of two guides to design thinking and doing. Whereas this first part is a short introduction to the mindset, part two is a practical toolbox where you can further explore the various methods and stages of the design process.

The guides are also available in Norwegian. Click here if you want to read the guide in Norwegian.

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