intro course

Methods and AI tools for Design Thinking and doing

Create better products, services and processes with this practical toolbox—and learn how to support your work with generative AI tools.

30 minutes + time to explore the tools and methods

7 modules

For people who are interested in tools for Design thinking

Intro course

About the course

In this guide, we will walk you through some methods and tools often used in the Design thinking and doing process. It also adds some tips and tricks with some AI-tools to boost your Design thinking work.  

Design thinking and doing is an approach to innovation and problem solving that should be on everyone’s radar who wants to develop attractive and user-friendly products, services or even processes and strategies.

In this guide, we will walk you through some methods and tools often used in the design thinking and doing process. If you’re new to design thinking and doing, we recommend that you first read our short course to the basics.

Once you know the fundamentals, you can then use this current guide as a simple, practical toolbox. 

This is not a comprehensive guide covering every method and tool. Think of it more like a starter-pack to get you going. You will also get some good advice for how to utilize generative AI to boost your creativity and productivity in the design process. Let’s go! 

Design thinking and doing – powered by generative AI

The guide contains a variety of methods used by designers for decades. It also, however, adds some tools that are brand new—specifically, how to boost your design thinking and doing process through the help of generative AI (artificial intelligence) tools.  

As with all generative AI tools, getting good results depends on your capability of making good instructions (prompting) and doing it iteratively until you receive a result that moves your process further along. Generative AI tools will not replace the work and knowledge of humans, but if used right can support and augment them. 

We’ll provide you with some good tools and advice to get you started!

FYI: The illustrations in this course, are made with DALL-E, a generativ AI-tool.

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