EU-midler: Utlysningene du ikke må gå glipp av

Foto: Kvalifik/Unsplash

Trenger du utviklingsmidler til et prosjekt? Ikke glem å se ut over Norges landegrenser; gjennom ulike EU-prosjekter ligger det store muligheter for norske bedrifter.

DigitalNorway er selv med i tre ulike EU-prosjekter; DIGI-B-CUBE, TRINITY og InnoCAPE. Gjennom prosjektene er vi tilknyttet ulike nettverk som arbeider innen for ulike områder og med ulik teknologi. Å orientere seg her kan være krevende, og her hjelper vi gjerne til. Kontakt oss gjerne dersom du ønsker mer informasjon om de ulike prosjektene.

Under finner du en liste over utvalgte andre ordninger der du kan søke støtte for din bedrift i løpet av de neste ukene og månedene.

Aktuelle utlysninger

AI4EU Call for Challenges – Looking for 13 Artificial Intelligence ‘Challenge Owners’! The ​AI4EU Platform has launched a Call for Challenges to select SMEs, Mid-Caps and large corporates to set a particular problem or challenge that would like to be solved with Artificial Intelligence technologies, besides getting 10,000€. The ‘Challenge Owners’ will work together in a 6-month Support Program with ‘Solutions Providers’ selected in two Open Calls for Solutions to develop two solutions per challenge. They will also get visibility in AI4EU digital channels, events and ambassadors. Apply before 26 January!

NGI Assure First Open Call – Supporting projects that design and engineer reusable building blocks for the Next Generation Internet! The selected projects will receive financial (up to 50,000€), technical and business support. Submit your proposal if you want to improve and further develop Distributed Ledger Technologies, advanced blockchain technologies and related enabling technologies. Apply before 1 February!

UFO First Call for Proposals – Seeking for Small Flying Objects collaborative projects! UFO (Innovation Boosted by Small Flying Objects) is looking collaborative projects (of 2 or more SMEs) to develop innovative products and services by integrating new embedded technology solutions in the Small Flying Objects (SFO) area i.e. Smallsats, Drones and High Altitude platform systems, to support the six targeted emerging industries: mobility, climate, blue growth, environment, finance & insurance, and digital & creative/gaming. Benefits include up to 60,000€. Apply before 18 February!

SMART4LL First CTTE Open Call – Searching for 4 Pathfinder Application Experiments! SMART4ALL’s first Open Call on Cross-Domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTE) is accepting proposals from applicants with a background in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to submit proposals focusing on Low-Energy Computing Technologies (CLEC) in one of the following verticals: Digitised Transport, Digitised Environment, Digitised Agriculture and Digitised Anything. The benefits include up to 80,000€. Apply before 1 March!

RIMA Second Open Call – Boosting robotics for Inspection and Maintenance (I&M)! RIMA will support the development and deployment of I&M robotics applications with grants through one type of action: Robotics Innovation Experiment (RIE). RIEs consist of developing, testing, and validating the technical and economic viability of a robotics-based representative model or prototype system to be applied in ‘Target-Use Domain’ operational environment. RIEs may receive up to 150,000€. Apply before 17 March!

SMOOTH Market Pilot – Calling for micro-enterprises to help them become GDPR-compliant! The SMOOTH Platform supports small businesses becoming GDPR-compliant and improving their data management. Micro-enterprises and SMEs can quickly test if their data storage and management are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. By joining this pilot, you will get a free assessment of your data processing, tailored suggestions on what you can improve and cut costs of storing data, legacy applications and inventory software both in silos and inconsistent formats. Register before 31 December!

SCORE Open Call – Hunting for champions startups in the sports-tech industry! FundingBox has teamed up with Real Madrid Next to launch an innovation programme that will scout around for scalable businesses, leading-edge technologies and resourceful entrepreneurs in the sports-tech industry. The key areas of this programme are: performance, audiovisual content, e-health, cybersecurity and technology, fan engagement and social. Benefits include equity-free funding, mentoring support, startup boost and global growth. A total of €4.5Mwill be distributed. Apply now!

COVID-X has launched the Open Call #1 for European Tech Companies with outstanding Data Technology solutions that can overcome COVID-19 clinical challenges and  save lives. This Open Call is also addressed for healthcare providers dealing with coronavirus patients and validating the solutions in real care environments. The project will grant 100K€ in direct funding to validate data solutions in one of our COVID-X clinical partners from Italy, Spain or Sweden (for Single Players). Tech Companies  &  Healthcare providers,  working together to validate the solution,  can apply up to 150K€ (for Team players). All solutions should address specific or open challenges related to diagnosis, prognosis or follow-up of COVID-19 patients. The Call is open until the 27th of January 2021 at 17:00 CET.