Micro course

What is no-code/low code?

Make simple apps and automate your work—without coding.

7 minutes

3 chapters

For beginners

Micro course

Course information

In this course, you will be introduced to what no-code/low-code is—and get some tips to get started making apps and automations without prior knowledge of coding.

What will you learn?

Do you want to automate your routine tasks and make simple apps that simplify your work? How about exploring data to make better decisions? With no-code/low-code, you can do it all, without prior knowledge or experience in coding and programming. In this micro course, you will learn what no-code/low-code is and what it does.

Who is this course suited for?

This micro course is suitable for everyone curious about no-code/low-code. You'll learn the basics of what you can do on a no-code/low-code platform and where to get started.

This course is a simple and short introduction to the topic and is part of a larger intro course on low code. In the intro course, you will learn even more about the significance of becoming a citizen developer and utilizing new tools and technology to enhance your productivity and efficiency at work.

You will learn about...

  • What no-code/low-code is
  • What you can do on a no-code/low-code platform
  • How to get started

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