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Simplify and Automate your Work with No-Code and Low-Code

Be a citizen developer with no-code!

25 minutes

7 modules

Everyone who is curious about new technology

Introduction course

About the course

In this course, you will learn about what no-code/low-code is, how it works, and how you can get started! Additionally, you will learn about the significance of becoming a citizen developer and utilizing new tools and technology to enhance your productivity and efficiency at work.

“Shouldn’t there be an app for this …?” Have you ever found yourself thinking that?

Maybe you have a tedious task that involves manually transferring data from one program to another. Why isn’t that routine automated already? Or perhaps you need to go to a desktop computer to manage meeting rooms. Why can’t you just use your phone to instantly book a room, or even better, book one by scanning a QR code at the door?

You have at your disposal the tools to create your own simple apps, to analyze data, and automate all those monotonous routine tasks and workflows at your workplace and in your everyday life. 

No-code/low-code platforms are user-friendly development tools that—as the name implies—require minimal or no coding. They’re designed to be so simple that anyone can use them. Brilliant! 

Why should you learn about no-code/low-code?

Learning no-code/low-code empowers you to be more self-reliant, efficient, and innovative in the workplace, regardless of your technical background. These tools enable you to work in a collaborative environment where you can contribute to application development and problem-solving. This leads to increased productivity and improved outcomes for the business.

Understanding and using no-code and low-code tools, will be among the most sought-after skills in all kind of businesses.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is curious about new technology and tools and wants to work smarter and more efficiently. It is suitable for people in various roles and can be done from anywhere. We assume that you already enjoy using PowerPoint and Excel and now want to go further by automating processes. So being a citizen developer (someone who creates software without a formal background in app development) might be the right path for you.

Meet Amalie who works with no code/low code in Equinor

What you’ll learn

  • What no-code/low-code is
  • What is possible with no-code/low-code tools
  • When is it smart to use
  • How to get started with no-code/low-code
  • Why citizen development is important and what it can mean for your workplace

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