Tools and methods for innovation

  • 6phases
  • 10-30minutes to complete
  • 12method cards

The purpose of the guide

The purpose of the guide is to introduce you to the phases and the tools required to pursue innovation in a structured way.


No previous knowledge is required to use the guide. However, in order to better understand the opportunities offered by digital technology, we recommend these introductory courses:

Introduction to technology

What will you learn?

You will learn about the methods and the phases involved in product and service development, whether that involves improving existing solutions or coming up with brand new ones.

This guide provides you with the practical tools needed to transition from challenge or idea to product or service. Along the way, you will find method cards, templates for presentations and useful examples of activities.

6 phases

The guide is a step-by-step process made up of six different phases, and you may perhaps need to skip back and forth through the contents as you gather new insight. It is important that you follow the steps and not be tempted to skip straight to the solution!

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