Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Learn about the possibilities with AI - as well as how and why we all need to contribute to guiding the development in an ethical and responsible direction

60 minutes

3 modules

For everyone


About the course

In this guide, you will learn about what artificial intelligence is, how it works, and how artificial intelligent systems can be used in an ethical and responsible manner in the workplace.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you already encounter artificial intelligence (AI) in a number of ways in your everyday life - and probably to a greater or lesser extent at your workplace as well. 

AI is now a part of the digital tools and services we all use every day. Everything around us is becoming datafied and digitized at a mind-boggling rate. More and more of what we do leaves a digital footprint. The vast amounts of data in circulation today enable the proliferation of data-driven systems and artificial intelligence, which in turn opens up for more extensive automation, efficiency, decision support, new insights, and new (often smarter) ways of working.

Algorithms, often involving AI, shape what content we see online. They also determine what kind of products and services we have access to, both privately and professionally. And increasingly, they impact how we work. The way we perceive and interact with the world around us is changing, and AI is at the heart of it.

Shouldn’t we then have a say in how and where AI might be used? Or at least expect a degree of transparency when data-driven systems are used to make decisions, large or small, on our behalf? If AI is changing the way we perceive and interact with the world, then what is ultimately at stake is nothing less than what kind of society we want – and how each of us may participate in shaping it.

Not everyone needs to develop AI or other data-driven systems. However, to responsibly use or oversee the use of such technology, we all need a baseline of knowledge and insight. With this knowledge, we can have a say in how it is put to use and reconcile it with other considerations, such as business goals, sustainability, laws, and ethics.

In this course, we will demystify what artificial intelligence really is – and what it is not. Artificial intelligence in real life is something quite different from artificial intelligence depicted in movies, and it has many limitations. But its use can - and does - nevertheless have major consequences and ripple effects in people’s lives, whether intentional or unintentional, and for better or for worse.

The technology — and what it means for you and me

Artificial intelligence is today being utilized for, among other things, analysis, simulations, predictions, automated decisions and not least, to generate text, images, and video – with consequences that affect each and every one of us.

Here, you will learn about both artificial intelligence and the larger technological landscape of which it is a part. But most of all this course is about understanding the consequences of using such technology. 

Whether or not you are interested in the technology itself, what this is really about is the relationship between technology, society and individual people.  

In this course you will learn about how we can use technology in ways that benefit us – in ways that do not come at the expense of anyone else.

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